GEMTRACK is a (soon to be) social travel platform that offers the most unique travel experiences and lets travellers inspire each other to visit the places they love.

Introducing GEMTRACK

When travelling your best memories are those of an experience. When the vibe, the people, the location and everything else fell perfectly into place. As a traveller you are looking for more than just a bed in a hostel or the restaurant around the corner. You are looking for a unique experience. Think of fishing with the local fishermen, participating in a traditional ceremony, helping with a reef-restoration project, learning how to cook delicious pasta with an Italian mama, a romantic dinner in an idyllic bay, getting creative with art workshops or diving from a waterfall in the heart of the jungle….

Friends and fellow travellers are the ones who give the most valuable tips about where to go and what to do. Being the ones who know what fits you and have experienced it themselves. Travel spots (hotels, restaurants, diving schools, yoga retreats etc.) also find great value in the fact that guests share their experiences.

So if sharing travel experiences is so important, then why is there no place where all of this comes together? This is what we want to do by creating a platform called GEMTRACK, where travel spots can show us what makes them special and where travellers can inspire each other with the best insider traveltips.

What makes the GEMTRACK platform unique?

GEMTRACK will be a social travel platform in the form of a mobile & web app. With every feature on the GEMTRACK platform we aim to offer the best solution for both traveller and travel spot. The whole platform is designed in a way that for travellers it becomes super easy and fun to discover the most unique travel spots that fit with their travel preferences and for travel spots there is a place where they can show travellers a complete image of what they have to offer and what makes them so special.

creates a selection of the most unique travel spots per destination
gives a complete image of travel spots, including things to do & experiences from other travellers
gives personalized travel suggestions based on preferences & similar travellers
makes it easy for travellers to get inspired by the tips of like minded people
lets travellers create their own bucketlist
lets travellers keep a digital travel journal
makes direct communication & direct bookings possible without commission fees
gives travel spots insight in who travellers are & what their social value is
encourages travellers to share their experiences with friends & on social media